Monte Sereno Taxi Service

Monte Sereno Taxi Service

A Yellow Cab of Monte Sereno can pick you up and deliver you to all parts of Monte Sereno and beyond.   As the largest taxi cab referral service covering Monte Sereno and utilizing the latest GPS technology, we can ensure that the closest taxi cab to you, will receive your Monte Sereno taxi cab request, this results in dramatically shortening your wait time.

Yellow Cab of Monte Sereno is your fastest and safest taxi cab service broker in the Monte Sereno area.   Do you care about our environment?   Yellow Cab has over 120 affiliated Clean-Air taxi cabs to get you where you’re going.

There are many things to see and do just a short drive away from Monte Sereno and our affiliated taxi cab drivers know how to quickly and safely get you to any of these locations.

Call Us at 408-777-7777 and let us help you get around Monte Sereno and the rest of Silicon Valley safely and comfortably.

Monte Sereno (from Spanish monte, hill, and sereno, serene) is a city in Santa Clara County, California.  The city is located in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains. The city is named for the 2,580-foot (790 m) El Sereno Mountain, upon whose slopes the southern portion of the city is built. The community is entirely residential, with no commercial zoning and 99% single-family housing and is an upscale Silicon Valley bedroom community.

Monte Sereno is located between Los Gatos, CA and Saratoga, CA please review their pages for things to do close by.

Monte Sereno is serviced by Yellow Cab of Silicon Valley which includes Yellow Cab and Checker Cab.  Look for the large phone numbers 408-777-7777  OR 650-999-9999 to ensure you get the safest and the best cab ride in Monte Sereno and around Silicon Valley.